The Ambiance

The colors

We call them Emerson Blue and Emerson Green. Emerson Blue came from a room we had when we were living in Richmond. It didn’t matter how bad the day was back then, online every time we walked into that room, approved it made us smile. We hope it makes you smile too!

The peacock

We happened upon a metal peacock in one of our favorite furniture stores in Richmond, VA. The moment we saw it we knew we had our logo. After all, what is more extraordinary than a peacock’s plumage? Our peacock’s name is Emerson and while he will give you the shirt off his back, you better not touch his cupcake. 

The artwork

Happy-caricature In life if we are fortunate, we meet people who touch our lives in a way that enriches them and makes them better than before. Happy has enriched our lives with his kindness, friendship, and his unique perspective on life. We have known Happy for many years so when we needed someone to give life to our logo, we immediately contacted Happy. He not only brought Emerson to life but he also provided Emerson with all of the personality one peacock could possibly have. He’s extraordinarily adorable. If peacocks could sit down at a table and eat a cupcake, I would want to share a cupcake and some good conversation with ours. Happy is responsible for all the artwork in our space, the unusual wave paint line, the cloud covers that give your experience in our space an extra depth, and the glitter in the wall paint that make it twinkle like the night sky. To contact Happy, or to see his other extraordinary work, visit his website.

The Peacock Ferris Wheel of Cupcakes

Peacock ferris wheel of cupcakes Derek Walls created this extraordinary wheel of amusement. In his other life, he used to make carousels. When the idea came to us to have someone make a ferris wheel for display, we contacted Derek. After our first meeting Derek showed up with this amazing design. Needless to say, we were over the moon! It was exactly what we wanted and then some. Derek, together with his girlfriend Nikki, built it and Happy painted it to match the other peacock artwork. It’s not only a stunning piece of artwork but it’s also an extraordinary display for our cupcakes.

The cloud light

cloud-lightsWe think the moving cloud light that hangs on the ceiling of our entryway is the most extraordinary light we’ve have ever seen. You truly have to resist the urge to lie on the floor under it for hours and watch it move. If you want a cloud light of your own, you can pick one up at Blink in New Town, then you can lie on the floor in the privacy of your own home in your PJs and watch in child-like wonderment as it moves and changes. Blink is located at 5550 Foundation Street in Williamsburg. Phone: 757-645-2540. Email:

The music

The music was the final piece of the design. We were sitting at home one night watching Chitty Chitty Bang Band with our daughter, Connor, and singing along. That’s when we decided to use the classic music from some of our favorite musicals. Not only will you leave our shop with some delicious cupcakes but you’ll also get a song you won’t be able to get out of your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

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