Cupcake Philosophy

Emerson eating a cupcake We have eaten cupcakes from all over the place in an effort to figure out what we wanted our cupcakery to be. We had some great cupcakes and some not so great cupcakes. We came away from those experiences committed to offering our customers the best cupcake they had ever had in an environment that made them smile. When you bite into an Extraordinary Cupcake, the first thing you will notice is the richness of the cake. It has an impressive depth of flavor and smooth icing. Because we don’t load the top of our cupcakes with icing, and because our icings are not too sweet, you’ll never want to scoop the icing off our cupcakes.

It takes extraordinary ingredients to produce our extraordinary cupcakes, like chocolate from France and Nielsen-Massey vanilla. The result is a perfect marriage of moist delicious cake with creamy frosting that leaves you feeling not just happy, but also wicked, sinful, uncommon, remarkable, breath-taking, over-the-top, curious, inconceivable, fantastic, marvelous, and of course, extraordinary!

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