Crumbs & Tidbits

Notes from the Extraordinary Cupcakes team

Frozen cakeOkay, Happy Birthday to Payton for sure, but that’s not the real story of this cake…

We were on holiday this summer in Scotland (sooooo beautiful!!) and came upon a cute little kitchen store in the coastal town of Oban. The lady running the store (McDougalls of Oban, Ltd – home of the nicest people on the planet!!) took apart her entire store to find a snowflake cookie cutter for us. No kidding, she literally dismantled her shop. Unbelievable.

Icing on the cake (so to speak)?

She wouldn’t even charge us for the Snowflake Cookie Cutter.

So, here’s to the awesome people of McDougalls of Oban, Ltd – officially the greatest kitchen store on Planet Earth!

And, so, a very Happy Birthday to Payton, as we were able to make the snowflakes that a “Frozen” Birthday Cake requires! We will think of the nice folks in Oban every time we decorate with snowflakes – and we hope you will too!

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